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Our Partners



TargetMobi is a mobile research and communications technology company. Through its platform,, TargetMobi enables researchers, healthcare providers, non-profits and businesses to incorporate mobile technology into their communication and operation strategies.

TargetMobi seeks to revolutionize data collection and customer relationship management (CRM) through Mobile Technology on a global scale. The TargetMobi platform enables organizations to collect data using mobile devices and to receive valuable feedback and insights in real-time. TargetMobi empowers organizations to connect with customers in markets with limited Internet access. By opening up emerging markets to better data collection and real-time feedback, TargetMobi gives organizations and researchers greater reach and penetration into their target markets and enhances better delivery of goods and services.

TargetMobi’s applications help UINCD simplify and streamline the processes of data collection and analysis.

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Global Health Corps selects recent college graduates and young professionals from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and places them in health non-profits and government offices in the US, East Africa and Southern Africa for a year of service. Fellows operate in teams of two – one national fellow paired with one international fellow – to create solutions for a variety of health issues like HIV, maternal child health, nutrition and healthcare access. Through additional GHC training and leadership development programming, these young people complete their fellowship with the skills and a vast network to be change-makers in the global health field. Since its founding in 2009, GHC has deployed 450 fellows from 24 citizenships to work in 7 countries.

UINCD is currently hosting two GHC fellows who are supporting UINCD’s work in informatics and curriculum development.

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Yale Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) develops leadership at Yale and around the world through education and research that strengthens health systems and promotes health equity and quality of care. GHLI brings together policymakers, practitioners and researchers to foster evidence-based problem solving, inspire leadership and debate critical issues in global health.

The 2013 GHLI Innovation Award catalyzed UINCD’s initial work.

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Data repository provides worldwide coverage across hundreds of topics from more than2B time series and thousands of of sources.The easiest way to find data or statistics you are looking for is to use our search Connect with Knoema at


A niche university offering health-related courses,providing professionally trained workers for the health sector in various specializations and continuing medical for health professionals already working in the field, with the specific aim of making a difference in health care.Connect with International Health Sciences University at

The Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is a coordinated effort led by the office of U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC)and supported by the National Institutes of Health(NIH) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).Connect with MEPI at

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