Fellowship Programme

Voices of NCDI Poverty Network Advocacy Fellow

Moses Echodu, a childhood cancer survivor of Burkitt’s Lymphoma, is currently volunteering with the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation as the Program Director. He graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and has dedicated his last 7 years to cancer advocacy, leadership, and awareness among young people. Part of his current work on cancer awareness and advocacy involves active engagement with youth in secondary schools in Uganda through the 3C (Children Caring about Cancer) program. Moses  joins other young persons living with NCDs in the Voices of NCDI Poverty Advocacy Fellowship, running from June 2021 to December 2022, to expand his knowledge and skills in advocacy for NCDI services in Uganda and beyond. His fellowship roles, in close collaboration with the larger NCDI Poverty Network, include working across several NCD conditions and regions to co-develop and implement various advocacy projects. He is also a member of the steering committees of the NCDI Poverty Network and the Uganda PEN-Plus Pilot Project.





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