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The Uganda NCDs and Injuries (NCDI) Poverty Commission

The Ministry of Health established the Uganda NCDI Commission in 2019 to provide evidence-based recommendations for health sector interventions to bridge the gap for NCDs and injuries in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage. The Commission – comprised of national policymakers, clinicians, academic researchers, health planning and financing experts, implementing partners and donors, and members of civil society, including people living with NCDIs – was supported by the Lancet Commission on “Reframing NCDs and Injuries for the Poorest Billion” based in the Program in Global NCDs and Social Change at Harvard Medical School and Partners In Health NCD Synergies.

Working directly with the Ministry of Health and with its network of partners, UINCD successfully co-hosted the Uganda NCDI Commission and is jointly building on these gains in preparing for the PEN-Plus in Uganda. The work and findings of the NCDI Commission have been positively received by local stakeholders, renewing enthusiasm to work together to advance the NCDI agenda in Uganda.

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We are involved in multiple national policy related engagements, including:

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